Objectives of LABTQ

The association is a non profit organization and its name is LABTQ. Its registered office is located in Brussels, Avenue Palmerston 4.

Objectives of the association are

  • the enhancement of the accuracy of efficiency and emission measurements by or on behalf of its members in the field of energy using appliances

  • the, management, awarding, use and promotion of a qualification awarded to independent laboratoriess respecting an enhanced level of accuracy

  • the communication of common positions to relevant third parties

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    LABTQ, an association founded in 2007 by 9 European laboratories having a broad experience in testing appliances burning gaseous, liquid or solid fuels. All of the founding members also are or were member of LABNET, a more than 15 years old voluntary technical network of labs active in boiler testing, having meetings regularly and organizing several inter-laboratory tests since the early nineties.

    All independent laboratories active in the field of performance testing of energy using appliances can apply for membership of LABTQ. 2 more labs have in the meanwhile introduced their request.

    A major LABTQ objective is to guarantee that its members meet stringent quality criteria for performing energy efficiency testing on boilers and water heaters by

  • requiring an ISO 17025 accreditation;
  • continuously organizing compulsory inter-laboratory tests among its members with result criteria to be satisfied;
  • striving for the highest possible level of specific measurement knowledge by sharing technical experiences and discussing possible solutions regarding approval and measurement techniques through periodical technical meetings.
  • As far as the ECO-design directive 2005/32/EEC is concerned we believe that third party certification based on independent and accurate measurement is a crucial element to make sure that minimum requirements are respected and that energy efficiency labelling informs the consumer fairly and reliably.

    To protect the proper functioning of the free market in this context market surveillance certainly is an essential tool, but it can only be efficient when the reproducibility of the measurements performed in the different involved laboratories has proven to be sufficient.

    LABTQ could have an added value in the discussions on existing or future regulation on heating and hot water appliances and therefore would appreciate to be invited as relevant expert for the Consultation Forum meetings in the framework of the ECO-design directive.

    The members of LABTQ are independent laboratories active in the field of measuring efficiencies and emissions of energy using appliances:

    APPLUS (Spain), CATIM (Portugal), CETIAT (France), DGC (Denmark), DVGW-EBI (Germany), GAS.BE (Belgium), IGE (Germany), IMQ (Italy), INIG (Poland), KIWA ltd. (United Kingdom), KIWA (Netherlands), KIWA ITALIA (Italia), TÜV Rh Köln (Germany), TÜV Rh Italia (Italy)

    Avenue Palmerston 4
    1000 Brussels

    Phone : +32 / 2 / 383 02 60,
    Fax : +32 / 2 / 380 87 04
    Email: labtq